Mail to Fax (Mail to Audio)

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The Mail to Fax function will let you send faxes directly from your e-mail application. The body of your e-mail messages will act as the fax cover page, while any attached documents (e.g. PDF, TIFF, or TXT formats) will be converted into additional fax pages. Faxes can be sent to multiple recipients, and you can mix different formats as attachments to your messages.

The Mail to Audio function allows you to send audio messages via phone line from your e-mail program. The audio message should be attached in WAV or MP3 format.

To use Mail to Fax (Mail to Audio) function, you must:

To enable Mail to Fax (Mail to Audio) function, configure e-mail attachment types and fax settings, see Mail to Fax (Mail to Audio) Settings.

To configure dialing rules, see Dialing Rules (Mail to Fax/Audio).

To configure fax or audio message delivery notifications via e-mail, see Delivery Receipts to user e-mail address (Mail to Fax/Audio).

To use fax cover pages, see Cover Pages Settings (Mail to Fax).

To specify information about the fax sender for inclusion on the cover page, see Sender Information Settings (Mail to Fax).

To customize the behavior of the Mail to Fax (Mail to Audio) function, depending on the sender's e-mail address, see Mail to Fax (Mail to Audio) Rules.

For the necessary information on creating and sending fax or audio message e-mails, see Sending faxes and audio messages from e-mails.

To configure Mail to Fax (Mail to Audio) subsystem to be started as Windows Service, see Configure Mail to Fax as Windows Service.

If you have problems, see Mail to Fax Troubleshooting.