To restore Fax Voip FSP settings and files

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1.     Open Fax Voip FSP Control Panel. To do this click Start, point to Fax Voip FSP; click Fax Voip FSP Control Panel. Alternatively, you can select Fax Voip FSP Control Panel command from the Fax Voip FSP tray icon menu.

2.     In the Fax Voip FSP Control Panel, click Import Configuration in the Tools tab of the Ribbon.

3.     In the Restore Fax Voip FSP Configuration window, select the folder where your backup is stored. Click Restore. Administrator privileges are required.

4.     Wait until the program completes all necessary actions. The Fax Voip FSP Service will be restarted.

5.     In the dialog box click OK, see picture below.

6.     Restart Fax Voip FSP Manager by clicking the Fax Voip FSP shortcut on the desktop or using any other way.