E-mail Templates

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E-mail Templates allow you to modify the standard text of the e-mail messages used in the program. Both subject and body of the e-mail message can be changed according to your requirements and preferences. You can also select date and time formats.

Fax Voip FSP sends e-mail messages in the following cases:

The e-mail content is different for different functions, so each template must be configured individually. In the templates, you can use the so-called %variables% that are replaced by actual data. Examples: %CallerID%, %PagesReceived%, %Duration% etc. The sets of variables are different for different templates. To insert a variable into the text, place the cursor in the desired location (or select text segment that you want to replace), press the Insert a variable button to the right of the text box and select a variable from the drop-down menu. To restore the E-mail Subject or E-mail Body text, proposed by default (do not confuse with the default template embedded into the program code, see Use Default Template option), completely clear the text box and then click Apply.

The following templates are available for configuring:

Select Template

Use this drop-down list to select the template you want to edit.

Use Default Template

Check this box if you don’t want to customize the selected template.