E-mail Templates: Fax successfully sent

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Fax successfully sent template is used with Mail to Fax function and E-mail Delivery Receipts Outgoing Fax Routing Method when sending notifications of a successful fax delivery to the sender's e-mail address or predefined e-mail address(es) respectively. To modify this template, select Fax successfully sent from the Select Template drop-down list. To use default template, check Use Default Template box.

E-mail Subject (Fax Sent OK)

E-mail Subject.

E-mail Body

Content of the e-mail.

Insert a variable

Use this button to insert a variable in the text box on the left. To insert a variable into the text, place the cursor in the desired location (or select text segment that you want to replace), press the button and then select a variable from the drop-down menu. Please note that each text box has its own Insert a variable button, which is located to the right of the text box.

Date and time formats

Select the locale (region and language) to specify how to display date and time values for the current template. An example of the formatting for the current selection is shown below under Example. This selection affects the display of date and time values defined by the following variables: %SubmissionTime%, %OriginalScheduledTime%, %StartTime%, %EndTime%. By default, the date and time is formatted in accordance with operating system settings.

Use default date and time formats that match Windows display language

Click this button to select date and time formats that match Windows display language (for the current user).

The following variables can be used with Fax successfully sent template (replaced by actual data):