Outgoing Routing Methods Logs

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Enable Outgoing Routing Methods debug logging

This option helps you to configure and test outgoing fax routing methods: E-mail Delivery Receipts, Store in a folder, Print, Custom. Analysis of the log will help you to identify errors and to specify correct routing rules. The Outgoing Routing Methods are called directly from the Fax Voip FSP Service and this is reflected in the other log, use Enable VOIP debug logging option, see more details in the Fax Voip FSP Logs chapter. To view detailed information about sending e-mail messages (when using E-mail Delivery Receipts fax routing method), use Enable Send Mail debug logging option, see more details in the E-mail Logs chapter of this user manual.


Use this button to view debug log file.


Use this button to delete debug log file.

<To Log Folder>

Use this button to open Fax Voip FSP log folder in Windows Explorer.