Store in Folder Settings (Store in a folder)

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Store in Folder Settings

After sending to copy a fax into specified folders

This option allows to enable or disable store in a folder procedure. To enable the rule, check this option. To disable the action of the rule, uncheck it. If the rule is disabled, Fax Voip FSP takes this rule into account (as in the case of enabled) but does not copy faxes to the specified folders. This can be used to temporarily disable store in a folder procedure for specified recipient's fax number or fax account.

Store in folder

In this area, you can specify local or network folders where outgoing faxes should be stored.


Click this button to select the desired folder using standard windows Browse For Folder dialog. Local or network folder can be selected.

You can also manually type the folder name in the text field.

Store in folders


Use this button to add folder to the list of folders. The folder should be initially selected or entered in the text field.


Use this button to remove folder from the list of folders.