H.323 Gatekeeper

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Gatekeeper Mode

Do not use Gatekeeper (default)

In this mode Fax Voip FSP operates as independent H.323 endpoint and does not register with H.323 Gatekeeper. All incoming H.323 calls should be routed directly to IP address and port where Fax Voip FSP operates. This mode is preferable in the case when your H.323 provider uses your IP-address to identify you (the most common method of binding used for authentication).

Use Gatekeeper

In this mode Fax Voip FSP should be registered with H.323 Gatekeeper.

Search for Gatekeeper

In this mode Fax Voip FSP is able to find the H.323 Gatekeeper automatically. Option is useful if you register with the Gatekeeper located in your local network.


The H.323 Gatekeeper IP address or server name.

Time to Live

The Time To Live parameter is the duration (in seconds) for which registration with the H.323 Gatekeeper is valid. Note that this parameter can be overridden by the Gatekeeper during registration.

Use H.235 authentication

Check this option if Gatekeeper requires authentication. The H.235 cryptoTokens by MD5 hashing are used.

Login Name

H.235 login credential for authentication.


H.235 password credential for authentication.

Gatekeeper status

This area indicates status of registration with H.323 Gatekeeper. This indicator works when the Fax Voip FSP Service is running, Enable H.323 option is checked (see more details in the VOIP Settings chapter), Use Gatekeeper mode is selected and when the Gatekeeper is really found. The following information can be displayed: