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When using Mail to Fax feature, the e-mail user can receive e-mail notifications of a successful or failed fax delivery. To enable or disable delivery notifications, see Delivery notification to user e-mail address option in the Delivery Receipts to user e-mail address (Mail to Fax) chapter of this user manual. The settings can be personalized for different sender e-mail addresses by using Mail to Fax Rules, see also Receipts Settings (Mail to Fax Rule).

In the case of failed fax delivery, an e-mail notification usually contains the error code and its description. The table below shows tipical errors, as well as some recommendations for troubleshooting.


Error description

How to fix the problem

Fax successfully sent


Failed to send fax

Operation completion code, returned by the fax server. Example: NO_ANSWER.

Error description, returned by the fax server. Example: The receiving device did not answer the call.

Error returned by the fax server not always indicates a real problem (for example, the phone line can be really busy, the call was not answered, the dialed number is not a fax number etc.). In any case these errors are in no way related to Mail to Fax function. Try first to send a fax from the Windows Fax and Scan software. If does not work, configure Fax Voip FSP and Windows Fax Service correct way. Please read this user manual.

Fax Recipients not specified.

At least one fax recipient should be specified in the subject of the e-mail message.

Specify the correct recipient fax number in the subject line of your e-mail message. For more details, see Composing of e-mail message.

No attachments in your e-mail.

No attachments in your e-mail or unreadable attachment name. Sending cover pages only option is also disabled for your account. Nothing to send.

Create an e-mail that contains attachment(s), see Composing of e-mail message. Enable the Allow to send faxes consisting only of a cover page option, see Cover Pages Settings (Mail to Fax). If you sent an e-mail with attachment, but the attachment somehow "lost" (strange...), try changing the type of incoming mail server from IMAP to POP3 or try with another server, see POP3 / IMAP Settings.

File extention not supported.

The file extention... is not supported. Error Index File = ... (with specifying the e-mail attachment name). Please contact the administrator of the fax server to get detailed information about supported formats.

Explicitly specify the extension of your file next to the option Allow only the specified file extensions or select Allow any file types as e-mail attachments option. For more details, see Mail to Fax Settings and E-mail attachments.

The document could not be converted into fax.

Error returned by the Direct Converting to Fax function ... Error Index File = ... (with specifying the e-mail attachment name that caused the error).

Most likely your file is corrupted.

Failed to submit fax job. Invalid attachment.

Error returned by the  FaxDocument.ConnectedSubmit or FaxDocument.ConnectedSubmit2 methods (Fax Service API), usually 'No application is associated with the specified file for this operation' ... Error Index File = ... (with specifying the e-mail attachment name that caused the error).

Install the application associated with the required file extension. The associated application should support standard printto command that is used by Windows when printing a file. For more details, see E-mail attachments.

Failed to submit fax job.

Error returned by the  FaxDocument.ConnectedSubmit or FaxDocument.ConnectedSubmit2 methods (Fax Service API), not associated with e-mail attachment file.

The solution to the problem depends on error returned.

Your email address has been blocked.

Incorrect Sender e-mail.

Sorry, your e-mail address has been blocked. Please contact administrator of the server.

The e-mail address is blocked by the Mail to Fax Rules. For more details, see Blocking e-mail addresses.