Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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I have configured email2fax but it does not work. I always receive reply via e-mail: 'Failed to send a fax... Status: NO_ANSWER; Description: The receiving device did not answer the call'. Any suggestions?

Error returned by the fax server not always indicates a real problem (for example, the phone line can be really busy, the call was not answered, the dialed number is not a fax number etc.). In any case these errors are in no way related to Mail to Fax function. Try first to send a fax from the Windows Fax and Scan software. If does not work, configure Fax Voip FSP and Windows Fax Service correct way. Please read this user manual.

I have a problem with email2fax service. When I send some PDF attachment I receive reply from system: 'Description: No attachments in your mail or unreadable attachment name... Nothing to send'. This problem does not apply to all attachments...

Try changing the type of incoming mail server from IMAP to POP3 or try with another server, see POP3 / IMAP Settings. Depending on the IMAP server and its settings, you may encounter this problem.

Until now, we have used the Google mail server with email2fax, but for some reason it stopped working. Where is the problem?

To use Fax Voip FSP with Gmail after May 30, 2022 you should turn on 2 Step Authentication for your Gmail account and then to generate the App Password from Google Security. The App Password should be then used in Fax Voip FSP settings instead of the main password for your Google account. See the Microsoft Community forum for details. See also YouTube video.

I am unable to configure Fax Voip FSP with my POP3 (IMAP, SMTP) server. I am using Fax Voip FSP version 3.3.1 (2.4.1). Can you please help?

The problem may be the TLS version requirements on your mail server. Starting from Fax Voip FSP version 4.1.1, TLS version 1.2 is used in the case of secure connection (SSL). Previous versions of Fax Voip FSP used TLS version 1.0. Please install the latest version of Fax Voip FSP software.

My e-mail provider tells me that I should use OAuth 2.0 when configuring POP3 (IMAP, SMTP). I am using Fax Voip FSP version 4.1.1 (3.3.1, 2.4.1). Can you please help?

Modern authentication (OAuth 2.0 token-based authorization) support is added in Fax Voip FSP version 4.2.1. Please install the latest version of Fax Voip FSP software.

When I send DOC attachment I receive the following error: 'Failed to submit fax job. Invalid attachment... No application is associated with the specified file for this operation'. How to fix?

Try to install the application associated with the required file extension. The associated application should support standard printto command that is used by Windows when printing a file. For example, to print files with .doc and .rtf extensions Microsoft Word should be installed on your computer where you have Fax Voip FSP. For more details, see E-mail attachments.

When I send my attachment, email2fax hangs. Then I receive the following error: 'Failed to submit fax job. Invalid attachment... The wait operation timed out'. Why?

The Mail to Fax subsystem is not able to print your document and for some reason not able to return error immediately. It returns 'The wait operation timed out' after 5 minutes of waiting, during which the Mail to Fax subsystem hangs. Such a long wait time is due to the internal timeout in FaxDocument.ConnectedSubmit and FaxDocument.ConnectedSubmit2 methods (Fax Service API) and can not be easily fixed in our application. For this reason, we recommend you to block file extension by using Allow only the specified file extensions option (see in the E-mail attachments chapter) or use Direct Converting to Fax feature for this file type (if possible).

Can I use e-mail attachments with filenames in Polish? It will be quite difficult to force 70 users in polish office to stop using polish chars...

The Fax Voip FSP supports Unicode, thus you are unlikely to have problems because of this. But if you are in doubt, configure your system to support the Polish language, see Using e-mail attachments with file names in national languages.

We can’t send outgoing faxes anymore through e-mail. Stopping and starting the service didn’t help...

For creating Mail to Fax debug log, see To view Mail to Fax log. Follow General instructions for recovery of Mail to Fax function.