Using e-mail attachments with file names in national languages

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Note that Fax Voip FSP supports Unicode. Thus, you should not encounter problems described in this chapter and may use any file names for your e-mail attachments. Nevertheless the information below can be useful.

When sending faxes as e-mail attachments, users often use long file names and write the names of files in their native language, such as Polish or Russian. Examples of files with such names are displayed in the picture below.

It is recommended that you use short file names written in English. If you still want to use your native language and have problems with such files, configure your operating system to support your language. The following example illustrates how to do this for the Polish language.

To configure Windows to support the desired language, follow these steps:

1.     Switch to Search pane, type control panel, and then click Control Panel.

2.     In the Control Panel click Region.

3.     In the Region window select Administrative page.

4.     On the Administrative page, in the Language for non-Unicode programs area click Change system locale.

5.     In the Region Settings window select your national language, for example Polish (Poland).

6.     Click OK.

7.     In the Change System Locale dialog window click Restart now to restart the computer.