To Send a Fax from a Windows application

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To send a fax

1.     Open or create the document in any Windows application that has a print option.

2.     Click Print. On the Print dialog box, select an installed Fax printer from the drop-down list, and then click Print.

3.     On the New Fax page, enter the recipient fax number in the To box.

4.     Optionally select a Cover Page.

5.     Optionally select a Dialing rule. Dialing rules (TAPI) are applied when translating fax numbers entered in canonical format (e.g. +1 (425) 123-4567). Note that choosing a specific rule in this box may override the default dialing location selected in the Phone and Modem options in the Windows Control Panel. For more information on using dialing rules, see Dialing Rules (Microsoft Telephony) and Dialing Rules Overview chapters of this user manual.

6.     Optionally, enter the appropriate information in the Subject and Cover page notes boxes.

7.     Optionally, configure sender information.

8.     Click Send to send a fax.

Your computer will automatically call the fax number and send the fax.