Removing the previous version

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Fax Voip FSP setup program automatically checks whether Fax Voip FSP is already installed and what version is installed, and offers to remove Fax Voip FSP before starting new installation. No need to separately run standard uninstall procedures.

To keep the previous Fax Voip FSP settings and files created in program operations, follow the instructions provided in the Removing the Software chapter of this user manual. If you suspect that your configuration is corrupted for some reasons, you should delete the previous settings. Alternatively, prior to the removal or reinstallation, you can backup your settings and files, which will allow you to restore your settings later.

When upgrading from version 3.1.1 or earlier, the Delivery Receipts via E-mail settings can not be imported from the old version. In Fax Voip FSP version 3.2.1 this functionality is replaced by the E-mail Delivery Receipts Outgoing Fax Routing Method.