Virtual Machines Problems

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Currently, the installation of Windows operating system on Virtual Machine is quite popular. Tens and hundreds of developers insist that their Virtual Machines provide exactly the same environment as provided by normal hardware computers. According to their statements, there are no difference between the operating system installed on Virtual Machine and the operating system installed in the usual way.

Unfortunately, in practice, the picture may be much more sad. Your system is unstable, you often have to reinstall it. You often have problems with standard features, drivers and so on. Your favorite programs are not working properly or crashing at the most inopportune moment. You start to blame the software developers and say that they write poor-quality programs.

So, is it possible to install Fax Voip FSP on a Virtual Machine? Will it work on it?

Yes you can. But... FaxVoip Software does not give any warranties and accept no liability if Fax Voip FSP program will not operate correctly when installed on a Virtual Machine. Fax Voip FSP is a rather complicated application from a technical point of view. It is no wonder that any of the carefully concealed defects of your Virtual Machine may emerge and cause an error. In the case of error that can not be confirmed by reproducing the same problem on the hardware computer with the same operating system installed on it, our experts are unlikely to be able to help you. We test our program on the normal hardware machines and never use Virtual Machines. Perhaps your Virtual Machine is the best in the world, but please try to solve the problem with its developers, because they, not we, and not Windows developers states that the "Virtual Machine works just as well".

In other words, we strongly recommend that you install Fax Voip FSP on the normal hardware-based computer.

Answers to questions frequently asked by users of Virtual Machines can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of this chapter.