Configure Fax Voip FSP with MondoTalk

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MondoTalk SIP service provider is located in Australia. MondoTalk supports both T.38 and audio faxes. Please note that we have tested T.38 only for outgoing calls to Australia. To get an account, please contact Mondotalk support team.

Configure SIP account

Username (or SIP-ID): the username provided by the MondoTalk

Password: password

SIP Registrar Server:

Configure Outgoing Call Routing

On the General page, in the Dial on Line area, check that the following settings are used:

VOIP Protocol: SIP

Dial on SIP Server:

Username: the username provided by the MondoTalk

On the Fax page, in the Fax Support area, check that T.38 fax option is selected. in the T.38 Fax Settings area, specify Switch to T.38 after 0 seconds.