Outgoing Routing Methods (Microsoft Fax) Logs

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Enable Outgoing Routing Methods (Microsoft Fax) debug logging

This option helps you to configure and test Outgoing Routing Methods (Microsoft Fax): E-mail Delivery Receipts, Store in a folder, Print, Custom. Analysis of the log will help you to identify errors and to specify correct routing rules. The Outgoing Routing Methods (Microsoft Fax) are called from the Mail to Fax - Microsoft Fax module (Fax Voip MsFax Mail service) and this is reflected in the other log, use Enable Mail to Fax and Outgoing Routing Methods debug logging - Microsoft Fax option, see more details in the E-mail Logs chapter. To view detailed information about sending e-mail messages when using E-mail Delivery Receipts Outgoing Routing Method (Microsoft Fax), use Enable Send Mail debug logging option, see more details in the E-mail Logs chapter of this user manual.


Use this button to view debug log file.


Use this button to delete debug log file.

<To Log Folder>

Use this button to open Fax Voip log folder in Windows Explorer.