Send a Fax to Multiple Recipients using Fax Voip Printer and Windows Fax Service

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Possibility to use Fax Voip Virtual Printer to place fax jobs to Windows Fax Service is especially useful when creating a large number of faxes that you would like to send via Windows Fax and Scan software.

1.     Prepare a list of fax numbers any way you want and save it to a plain text file. When preparing a file, you must be guided by the following rules:

An example of a text file is shown in the picture below.

2.     Create a fax by printing to a Fax Voip Virtual Printer. You can also use the Send a Fax command in the Fax Voip Console.

3.     To send a fax using Windows Fax Service (Windows Fax and Scan) be sure that the Use Microsoft Fax Service to send this fax option is checked.

4.     In the Fax Voip Send Fax Wizard window, on the Send Fax page, click Add From File.

5.     In the Open dialog box select the text file and click Open.

6.     Fax Voip will automatically recognize fax numbers and will add them to the list.

7.     In the Fax Voip Send Fax Wizard configure additional fax options if necessary. For details see in the Send a Fax using Fax Voip Printer and Windows Fax Service chapter.

8.     Click Send Fax.

Fax Voip will automatically create multiple fax jobs in the Windows Fax and Scan (Fax Console) application, in the Outbox folder. Windows Fax Service will automatically call the fax numbers and send the faxes.