Audio Settings

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Audio File to play before fax (must be 8 kHz 16-bit or 8-bit Mono wave file)

Audio file to be played before sending a fax when the outgouing fax call is answered. You can browse to a preferred audio file or enter the file path. The audio file must be an 8 kHz 16-bit Mono or 8 kHz 8-bit Mono wave file (.wav). The example of the wave file can be found in the *{CommonAppDataFolder}\FaxVoip FSP\Sounds\Fax folder after the installation of the Fax Voip FSP. By default the intro_fax_out.wav file is used.

Voice announcement before sending fax

Check this option to play selected audio file before sending fax. Emphasize that the use of this option is not recommended if not assumed that a human answers the call.