Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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I have reinstalled Windows and my SystemID changed. I use Virtual Machine (VMWare etc) and my virtual server crashed last Friday. Can you please send me another license?

We strongly do not recommend to install Fax Voip FSP on Virtual Machines. Virtual Machines are highly unstable and require frequent re-installation in which SystemID not saved due to the lack of hardware as such. Please install Fax Voip FSP at normal hardware computer. If you still decided to ignore our recommendation and to install Fax Voip FSP on a Virtual Machine, you should understand the following. In any case you can ask for new license key during license support period (1 year). The interval between changes of the license can not be less than 3 months. Free replacement of license key during license support period is allowed no more than 2 (two) times.

I have one problem with your software. On my VMWare Machine, Windows 11 (Windows 10, Windows 8.1), when I send (receive) a fax, there are no problems. But then Fax Voip FSP crashes. Do you have any suggestion, what can I do?

You can install Fax Voip FSP on the same operation system installed on normal hardware-based machine.

Our specialists are not very good experts in the part of Virtual Machines and we are ready to confirm it. Please, address this question to VMware support. They are good experts in parts of Windows and should provide correct operation of Windows-compatible programs on their virtual systems.

Hi, I just upgraded from V3 to V4 of your Fax Voip FSP and now not able to run the program. In my log I see: Faulting application FaxVoipFSPConfig.exe, version, faulting module kernel32.dll... I have not had this error in previous version. I use VMWare... Can you fix the problem?

We do not give any warranties if Fax Voip FSP program will not operate correctly when installed on a Virtual Machine. Maybe we've added some new function, used WIN API, that not been used in the previous version of Fax Voip FSP. Likely to support this function is not finalized in your Virtual Machine. Please contact your VM Support Team and ask them to fix this issue.

Are you going to support Virtual Machines in the future?

We support the correct operation of our program in the Microsoft Windows operating systems. The correct functioning of the operating system is definitly the task for those who develop equipment (in the case of Virtual Machine, developers of your Virtual Machine).