Fax Voip T.38 Modem

Fax Voip T.38 Modem

Fax and Answering Machine for your SIP/H.323/ISDN CAPI 2.0 line. Voice Fax Modem for your Fax & Voice software. Multiple SIP Registrations. Call Routing. Color faxes over VoIP and ISDN. Mail to Fax. Incoming Fax Routing: Route through e-mail, Store in a folder, Print, Custom Routing. Outgoing Fax Routing: E-mail Delivery Receipts, Store in a folder, Print, Custom Routing.

Fax Voip T.38 Modem Core Features

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    T.38 and Audio Faxes over VoIP

    Both T.38 and Fax over G.711 codec are supported. Flexible settings allow you to send and receive faxes using many SIP/H.323 telephony services over the world. Fax Voip T.38 Modem is easily integrated into the telephone network of your company.
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    Compatibility with Fax and Voice Software

    Use Microsoft Fax or any other standard fax-voice software to send or receive faxes and audio messages via VoIP. Replace your hardware modem by the new Virtual COM Ports (voice modems) that Fax Voip T.38 Modem installs into your system.
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    Incoming and Outgoing Fax Routing

    When receiving and sending faxes using Microsoft Fax application (via Fax Voip Virtual COM Ports), incoming and outgoing faxes can be routed through the following fax routing methods: E-mail, Store in a folder, Print, Custom Routing.
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    E-mail to Fax

    The Mail to Fax - Microsoft Fax function will let you send faxes directly from your e-mail application.

Fax Voip T.38 Modem Features & Technologies


Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is the most commonly used VoIP signalling protocol. Fax Voip T.38 Modem can be configured as standard SIP client. Multiple SIP registrations are supported.


H.323 is one of the standards used in VoIP. Fax Voip T.38 Modem is able to operate as independent H.323 endpoint or can register with H.323 gatekeeper (GK).

CAPI 2.0

CAPI 2.0 is an application programming interface standard used to access ISDN equipment. CAPI 2.0 driver is supplied by the manufacturer of your ISDN card.

T.38 Fax

T.38 - the most reliable standard used to transmit faxes over VoIP in real time. Isolates from the delays, timing jitter, and packet loss experienced in VoIP networks.

Fax over G.711 codec

Transmitting a fax over voice codec. Can be used with VoIP providers that don't support T.38 but provide good-quality voice channel.


Voice Modem functionality allows to use Fax Voip T.38 Modem with voice modem software (e.g. answering machine).

Virtual COM Ports

Virtual Serial Port interface allows standard fax or voice software to communicate with Fax Voip T.38 Modem. It is a bridge between your fax or voice software and VoIP.

Voice Fax TAPI Modem

Fax Voip 14.4K TAPI Voice-Fax Modem driver is reguired for TAPI compatible standard fax and voice applications (e.g. Microsoft Fax).


Fax to E-mail. E-mail to Fax: Cover Pages, Sender Information, Mail to Fax Rules. Customizable Email Templates. SMTP, POP3/IMAP, SSL. OAuth 2.0 Modern Authentication support. TLS version 1.2 support. Digitally signed e-mail messages.

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Fax Voip T.38 Modem Screenshots

  • Full Screen Full screen
  • Virtual COM Ports (modems) Virtual COM Ports (modems)
  • Fax Voip T.38 Modem Control Panel T.38 Modem Control Panel
  • SIP Registration SIP Registration
  • Registration with H.323 GK Registration with H.323 GK
  • ISDN CAPI 2.0 Connection ISDN CAPI 2.0 Connection
  • Outgoing VOIP Call Routing Outgoing VOIP Call Routing
  • Incoming VOIP Call Routing Incoming VOIP Call Routing
  • Route faxes through e-mail Route faxes through e-mail
  • Store faxes in a folder Store faxes in a folder
  • Fax Settings Fax Settings
  • Dialing Rules (Microsoft Fax) Dialing Rules (Microsoft Fax)
  • SMTP Settings SMTP Settings
  • POP3 / IMAP Settings POP3 / IMAP Settings
  • OAuth 2.0 Settings OAuth 2.0 Settings
  • E-mail Templates E-mail Templates
  • Mail to Fax Settings Mail to Fax Settings
  • Cover Pages (Mail to Fax) Cover Pages (Mail to Fax)
  • Mail to Fax Rules Mail to Fax Rules
  • E-mail Delivery Receipts E-mail Delivery Receipts
  • Configuring Microsoft Fax Configuring Microsoft Fax
  • SendFaxMS.exe Tool - Microsoft Fax SendFaxMS.exe Tool
  • Configure SendFaxMS.exe (Microsoft Fax) Configure SendFaxMS.exe
  • Track Fax Job (Microsoft Fax) Track Fax Job (Microsoft Fax)