To Add/Remove Fax Voip Virtual COM ports

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1.     Open Fax Voip T.38 Modem Control Panel.

2.     Click Ports and Modems in TreeView, then click <Add/Remove> button.

3.     In the warning dialog click <Yes> to stop Fax Voip T.38 Modem Service (Fax Voip T.38 Modem application).

4.     In the Select Ports dialog check ports that you want to add or (and) uncheck ports that you want to remove.

5.      Click <OK>. To change Virtual COM Ports configuration, administrator privileges are required.

6.     The wizard will automatically install the Fax Voip 14.4K TAPI Voice-Fax Modem driver for each new COM port. The standard Unimodem Full-Duplex Audio Device driver is automatically installed by Windows when installing modem driver. When you delete a COM port, the modem attached to this port is automatically deleted.

7.     If you increase the total number of virtual COM ports, the wizard adds new virtual devices, and initializes the driver update procedure.

8.     At the final step, Fax Voip T.38 Modem displays an updated list of Virtual COM Ports and Modems, and shows the restart your computer dialog.

9.     Click <Restart Now> button to reboot the computer.