To configure Modem with BVRP Classic Phone Tools

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1.     Start BVRP Classic Phone Tools program.

2.     In the main window click <MENUS> button, then select Setup, then click General Setup.

3.     In the General Setup window switch to Communication panel, then click <Change modem> button.

4.     Follow the instructions of Device Configuration wizard. Select Fax Voip 14.4K TAPI Voice-Fax Modem, attached to one of the Fax Voip Virtual COM Ports, then click <Next> button.

5.     In the next step, make sure that the Fax Voip T.38 Modem is running. To start Auto-detection of the modem, click <Next> button.

6.     At the end of Auto-detection the results will be displayed. The Fax Command Set for your modem will be auto-detected as Fax Class 1. The Voice Command Set for your modem will be auto-detected as Voice IS101 Lucent Handset Mulaw. You should agree with this auto-detection. Note that you can manually select another Voice Command Set, if to select Do not automatically detect the driver option in the previous step. Some Voice Command Sets will be compatible, others are not.

7.     Click <Next> button, then click <Finish> button.

8.     In the General Setup, on the Communication page, please make sure that the field Loadspeaker has the value Off, and the field Mode in the Reception section has the value Fax (even if you intend to use the Answering machine). If you see the other values, please correct.

9.     Click <OK> button to close General Setup window and save settings.