Using Fax Voip with Fax & Voice Soft

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With Fax Voip T38 Fax & Voice you may set up and use Windows Fax Service or any other third-party fax or voice application to send/receive faxes or audio messages via VoIP without hardware modems. Fax Voip emulates fax voice modems (Fax Class 1 protocol compliant). Virtual COM Port (modem) interface is a bridge between your fax or voice software and VoIP.

To configure your fax (voice) software, select the Fax Voip 14.4K TAPI Voice-Fax Modem device in the settings of your software. Depending on your software, you may need to specify the serial port instead of a modem. In this case, select the port associated with Fax Voip e.g. COM20. Also, you usually need to configure your software to automatically answer incoming calls.

Fax Voip T38 Fax & Voice has been successfully tested with many well-known fax and voice programs. To help you successfully configure your favorite fax software to operate with Fax Voip Virtual COM Ports (modems) we have written detailed instructions: