Remote Access

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You can easily access your messages from any touch-tone phone. CallStation uses a speech engine to generate easy to follow voice menus.

When accessing your messages, CallStation will ask you for your access code. This prevents unauthorized people from getting access to your messages.

To specify access code, do the following:

1.     Start CallStation program.

2.     In the main window, in menu select Settings, then click Voice Options.

3.     On the Remote Access page, in the Access code edit box enter a four-digit code you would like to access your messages remotely.

4.     From the Press ... to enter Remote Access mode drop-down list, select which key on your telephone keypad you want to press during your greeting in order to enter the remote access mode. The default is '0'.

5.     Click <OK>.

To access your messages dial your phone number, wait for CallStation to answer, then press the '0' key at any time during the greeting.

If you have a pop-up window enabled, the switching to Remote Access Mode is displayed in this window.

CallStation asks you for your access code. Enter your four-digit code. You will be presented with the following options:

When CallStation plays back your messages, it speaks a time/day stamp at the end of each message so you know exactly when the message was left. CallStation can also speak the caller's phone number. While listening to your messages, you will have the following options:

From the main menu, if you press 3 for setup options you will be given the following options:

Simply press the desired key and follow the instructions.