To configure the FaxAmatic (for use with Fax Voip)

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1.     Start FaxAmatic.

2.     Select Configure, then select Modem1.

3.     Select one of the Fax Voip Virtual COM Ports in the COM-Port field, usually COM20.

4.     Enter ATE0V1 in the FaxModem Initialization String field.

5.     Select Xon/Xoff option in the Flow Control section.

6.     Select Class1 (fax class of your modem) in the Class Override field.

7.     Select Tone in the When Dialing, Use field.

8.     Select Line 14400 - Port 19200 (newer modem) option in the phone-line / COM-port (modem baud rate speed) section.

9.     Select Send and Receive Fax option in the Fax Modem Usage section.

10.     Make sure that your settings are preserved.