Using Fax Voip with Venta Fax & Voice

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To install Venta Fax & Voice follow Venta Fax Setup Wizard.

Venta Fax & Voice can operate with Fax Voip Virtual COM Ports via direct COM port connection or via Fax Voip 14.4K TAPI Voice-Fax Modem driver. Compared with the standard modem driver, the Fax Voip 14.4K TAPI Voice-Fax Modem driver provides support for Caller ID Number and Caller ID Name. You should not add modems using Phone and Modems option in the Windows Control Panel. To install Virtual COM Ports and associated modems open Fax Voip Control Panel, select Ports and Modems, then click <Add/Remove> button, see To Add/Remove Fax Voip Virtual COM ports. To install or reinstall modems without reinstalling Virtual COM Ports, use <Modems> button, see also To Add/Remove Fax Voip Modems.