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Fax Voip T38 Fax & Voice
High quality VoIP fax solution for your business

Fax and Answering Machine for your SIP/H.323/ISDN CAPI 2.0 line. Multiple SIP Registrations. Call Routing. Voice Fax Modem for your Fax & Voice software. Color faxes over VOIP and ISDN. Mail to Fax. Incoming Fax Routing: Route through e-mail, Store in a folder, Print, Custom Routing. Fax-on-Demand.

About Fax Voip T38 Fax & Voice

So, you need to send faxes and you need an answering machine. You’ve got used to working with your fax software. You’ve got used to working with your answering machine software.

You want to send faxes over VOIP or ISDN and you know about T.38 fax protocol. You want to use the answering machine with your SIP, H.323 or ISDN line. You want to use your favourite fax and voice software but you don’t know how to do it.

No problem! Fax Voip T38 Fax & Voice is a solution for you and your business.

What is Fax Voip? From the perspective of your fax or voice application, it is a Voice Fax Modem. Fax Voip installs Virtual COM Ports and virtual 'Fax Voip 14.4K TAPI Voice-Fax Modems' onto your system. You can setup your Fax & Voice program to operate with Fax Voip COM ports or virtual modems. From the perspective of your VOIP internet network, it’s a SIP/H.323 client with T.38 and G.711 Fax support. From the perspective of your ISDN line, it’s CAPI 2.0 client with audio fax support. With Fax Voip you can send and receive T.38 and audio (color and black-and-white) faxes and voice messages without any hardware, using your favourite Fax & Voice program. Fax Voip is the ideal solution for the implementation of Fax and Voice Mailbox into SIP, H.323 or ISDN network. You can use Fax Voip with your VOIP or ISDN-based PBX or with your SIP/H.323/ISDN Provider. Fax Voip can also support from 1 to 100 virtual lines simultaneously.

Multiple SIP Registrations and Call Routing functions make your system the most flexible as well as allowing you to work with different SIP and H.323 providers simultaneously.

Fax Voip supports Caller ID and Dial a Phone Number Extension features.

It is also possible to send T.38, audio and CAPI faxes via Fax Voip Virtual Printer and receive faxes directly in TIFF, PDF or SFF files without using fax software, and without limiting the number of incoming fax sessions. You can manage faxes with Fax Voip Console.

You can send not only faxes, but also audio messages.

Fax Voip is a fully-functional system for sending faxes and audio messages via e-mail (Mail to Fax and Mail to Audio) and for receiving faxes to e-mail (Fax to Mail).

The Mail to Fax (Mail to Audio) - Built-in lines and Mail to Fax - Microsoft Fax functions let you send faxes directly from your e-mail application. The body of your e-mail messages will act as the fax cover page, while any attached documents (e.g. PDF, TIFF, or TXT formats) will be converted into additional fax pages. Faxes can be sent to multiple recipients, and you can mix different formats as attachments to your messages.

Incoming Routing Methods (Built-in lines): Route through e-mail, Store in a folder, Print and Incoming Routing Methods (Microsoft Fax): Route through e-mail, Store in a folder, Print allow you to route incoming faxes to recipients on the network. Custom routing for incoming faxes (Built-in lines) and Custom routing for incoming faxes (Microsoft Fax) allow you to easy add any routing functionality by using custom application that is started after receiving a fax.

Fax on Demand function allows callers to retrieve information via fax on the same call (from a fax machine).

Fax Voip T38 Fax & Voice has been successfully tested with Microsoft Fax, BVRP Classic Phone Tools 9, FaxTalk Messenger Pro 7.5, CallStation, WinFax Pro and many other well-known programs.

Fax Voip has been successfully tested with CALLCentric, babyTEL, T38FAX, MondoTalk and many other VoIP service providers.