Remote Assistance

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In the case of non-standard problems, as well as to accelerate the solution of problems, our experts can provide Remote Assistance and help to correct the problem directly on your computer. To use this possibility, you must grant access to your computer via Remote Desktop connection (RDP). To get Remote Assistance, please contact our Support Team.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I configure my computer to your experts were able to access it and provide remote assistance?

You should to configure access via Remote Desktop Connection on your computer where Fax Voip FSP installed. To do this, follow the instructions in the Configure RDP on the computer I want to connect to chapter.

What program do you use for remote access to my computer?

Our experts use a standard Remote Desktop Connection client produced by Microsoft, which is a part of Windows operating system. We use the standard procedure described in the Connect to remote computer using RDP chapter.

What are the necessary data, that I have to tell you?

You should provide us with IP-address of your computer, Username (must be an Administrator) and Password. Naturally, you should explain your problem to our experts. The need for Remote Assistance should be coordinated with our Support Team. If you use a Virtual Machine, we ask you to inform us about it in advance. We remind that our experts don't solve specific problems of virtual machines.

I have my TeamView (GoTo Meeting) software installed at my computer and my Session ID is 666-666-666 and valid during the next 10 minutes (3 hours). TeamView is a very good program. I am in office for 40 minutes (until 8 PM local time). Can you please see at my problem?

Our specialists do not use third-party software for remote access to your computer. These programs are not installed on our computers and can not be used for security reasons.

Note that Remote Assistance is usually offered in the case of obscure problems that can not be solved in the usual way for 5 minutes. Our experts usually takes some time to understand the problem on your computer and try to find a solution. After preliminary approval, and providing access to your computer, our expert will examine your problem over the next 24 hours (usually sooner) and will contact you.

Why should I give you access to my computer? I am not able to give you the administrator password. What are you going to do at my computer?

Strange question... You are asked to solve your problem and provide remote assistance. Naturally, our specialists will deal exclusively with the problems of our program on your computer.

Without access as an administrator, we will likely not be able to understand and resolve the problem, so it is necessary.

Of course, only you can make a final decision on the granting or not granting access to your computer.

I do not currently have a license for your program. (Fax Voip FSP installed as a trial version). Can I ask you to provide remote assistance?

Yes you can. Please contact our Support Team. Note that customers who have paid for a license have a priority right to get support.