To receive Incoming Fax & Voice Messages

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1.     Start BVRP Classic Phone Tools program.

2.     In the left pane of the program main window, click <VOICE MAIL> button.

3.     Activate the desired Fax & Voice Answering Machine mode by selecting it in the lower right pane of the main program window. The activated mode will be indicated by a corresponding green light.

4.     Select (activate) Answering machine off option, if you want to Receive Faxes only without Voice Modem Functionality.

5.     Select (activate) Greeting only option, if you do not want to Receive both Fax & Voice Messages. For example, you can use the following voice greeting: “We are not able to take a call at this time. Please try again later”. After playing the greeting the connection breaks.

6.     Select (activate) Greeting & record option, if you want have a possibility to Receive both Fax & Voice Messages. After playing the greeting you can leave a Voice Message or Send a Fax. This option also can be used with the Remote Message Retrieval function described above. Access Code must be entered at the time of listening the Answering Machine Greeting.

Your computer will automatically answer the calls and store the received faxes and voice messages.