To receive Incoming Fax & Voice Messages

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By default the FaxTalk Messenger Pro starts when you start your operating system and can automatically respond to incoming calls. Depending on the settings made (see in the To configure Voice & Fax Answering Machine and To configure remote access to Voice & Fax mailbox sections) after the auto response, the FaxTalk Messenger Pro can:

1.     To receive a Fax.

2.     To record a Voice Message.

3.     To provide Remote Access to Mailbox for caller.

At the time of playing the greeting, the following additional features are available:

1.     To begin recording a voice message immediately by pressing *1 (star + 1).

2.     To begin receiving a fax immediately by pressing *2 (star + 2).

3.     To access FaxTalk Messenger Pro remotely by pressing # + 1 + #, where '1' is a mailbox number.