To configure Modem and Voice Command Set

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1.     Start Venta Fax program. In the main window, on the toolbar, click Settings.

2.     In the Program settings window select Modem, and then select Interacting with Modem.

To operate via modem driver, select the via TAPI option and then choose Fax Voip 14.4K TAPI Voice-Fax Modem. In the Confirmation dialog click <Yes>.

To use direct COM port connection, select the via port option and then choose port associated with Fax Voip, usually COM20. In the Confirmation dialog click <Yes>.

3.     On the Modem - Properties page, in the Voice area click <Detect> button to start auto-detection of the modem. The Voice Command Set for your modem will be auto-detected as Conexant/Rockwell (V.253). You should agree with this auto-detection. Note that you can also select another Voice Command Set in the Command set field manually. Fax Voip operates with V.253, Conexant/Rockwell (V.253) and Conexant/Rockwell (V.253) (2) Voice Command Sets in terms of Venta Fax.

4.     Click <Apply> button to save settings.