Configure Fax Voip T.38 Console with babyTEL

Popular SIP provider in the United States and Canada. babyTEL supports both T.38 and audio faxes. This service provider also offers phone numbers in the US/Canada.

babyTEL Sign Up

Configure SIP account

SIP account


Username (or SIP-ID): the phone number provided by the babyTEL

Password: password

SIP Registrar Server:

Outbound Proxy:


Configure Outgoing Call Routing

Outgoing Call Routing


On the General page, in the Dial on Line area, check that the following settings are used:

VOIP Protocol: SIP

Dial on SIP Server:

Use Outbound Proxy:

Username: the phone number provided by babyTEL


General Settings


On the Fax page, in the Fax Support area, make sure that T.38 fax option is selected. This applies to the rule where you have From Line = <T38FAX>.


Fax Settings


When sending a fax using Fax Voip Virtual Printer, it is recommended to choose T.38 support option in the Fax Voip T.38 Console Send Fax Wizard window.


Configure Incoming Call Routing

On the General page, in the Call To Fax Voip T.38 Console area, select Receive Faxes, and then select T.38 support option.


Incoming Call Routing