Configure Fax Voip T.38 Console with DellMont (Betamax) providers

There is a huge amount of SIP providers associated with DellMont (Betamax) company, for example VoipBuster. The providers of this group do not support the T.38 protocol. The quality of a fax transmission over G.711 codec is heavily dependent on the country of destination. It may be noted that when calling to Europe the quality is very good. To register, please visit the website of one of the providers of the group. Rates on different websites may vary. The list of providers is placed below.


Configure SIP account

SIP account


Username (or SIP-ID): the username that you received at the time of registration

Password: the password that you received at the time of registration

SIP Registrar Server: (valid for any of the providers of this group)


Configure Outgoing Call Routing

Outgoing Call Routing


On the General page, in the Dial on Line area, check that the following settings are used:

VOIP Protocol: SIP

Dial on SIP Server:

Username: the username that you received at the time of registration


General Settings


On the Fax page, in the Fax Support area, make sure that G.711 audio fax option is selected.


Fax Settings


When sending a fax using Fax Voip Virtual Printer, choose Fax over G.711 option in the Fax Voip T.38 Console Send Fax Wizard window.

The dialed number should be entered using the following format: 00<country_code><area_code><phone_number>.


List of DellMont (Betamax) providers