Random Phone Calls

Random Phone Calls function can be useful for your business, as well as for different testing purposes. The function allows you to automatically make repetitive phone calls to one or more target phone numbers. This function allows you to play audio messages into the telephone line, as well as to record phone calls. The operation of Random Phone Calls function is mainly based on the using of random values ​​that are generated by the program at runtime.

Calls are divided into Group of calls. The interval between groups of calls can be quite large, for example several hours. Each group consists of a several phone calls. Phone calls within the group can be done with some small delay up to 90 seconds. See picture below.

Groups of calls

The general structure of a single call is shown in the next picture. The program dials a specified phone number, plays an audio file if specified, records the call and hangs up after some time.

Single call

To control and monitor the operation of this function, the Random Calls Monitor is used.


Random Calls Monitor